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How to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets

How to resurface kitchen cabinets tips have a purpose to help kitcheners having a nice and clean kitchen just like the first time they purchase it. Time flies and you use the kitchen cabinet every day until the third year you realize that you didn’t take care much of your cabinet. It is understandable to feel how it feels when you look at your own kitchen and they look dirty. In fact, your kitchen cabinet is not considered as old one since it is only 3 years old, but the activities you do in the kitchen and the way you treat it surely affects the result. Your guests will have their own impression when you invite them and have a chit chat in the kitchen.

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Adelaide

Do We Actually Need to Buy A New One?

Sometimes this idea comes out from homeowners as they are not sure of resurfacing kitchen cabinets and afraid if the result won’t be the same. But, the costs will be much more expensive and surfacing kitchen cabinets is one of the safest-money way because once you purchase a new one, it can cost you $5000. Can you guest how much will it cost if you resurface them? It is possible for $1000 and below!

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Cost

What You Need

  1. Time

You need to spare your time when you are free on weekend. The time you need to fix cabinets is 30 minutes per cabinet and level of difficulty is moderate.

  1. Enough budget

Without budget, you can do nothing. Each cabinet can cost from $50 to $175, it depends on cabinet material

  1. Read instructions

It is best to do it by ourselves by searching instructions on internet as they provide much information and it can be applied if you do not change any electrical position or plumbing.

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Before After

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is complex. They might be already old and need to be renewed or it is inherited from the previous homeowner that you bought his house. Moreover, you need to remodel all parts of kitchen cabinets if the materials are poorly structured and water damaged. Considering color is important as well because you need to balance it with the main color of your house. Choosing white is the safest yet the most fragile since it is prone to get dirty and can be looked easily. Renewing your kitchen is never easy because it needs sense of arts and that’s how to resurface kitchen cabinets.

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