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How to Change Electrolux Refrigerators Filters

Changing Electrolux refrigerator filters ideally should be done every six to nine months in order to ensure the high quality of water and air produced by the refrigerator. Changing refrigerator filters are not very difficult if your follow the instructions clearly. Here is how to change Electrolux refrigerator filters.

Electrolux refrigerator filters

1.     Water Filter

If you are not sure on when you should change the water filter on your Electrolux refrigerator, you can watch the Filter Status on your refrigerator dispenser control panel. After a standard amount of water has flow through the system, the light will alert you and you should change the filter. First, turn off the ice maker on the control panel. Second, push the button that will release the filters from its place at the top of the cartridge, and then slide the cartridge off the housing and discard it.

How to Change Electrolux refrigerator filters

Third, unpack the new water filter from its packaging; remove the two caps protecting the inlet and exit of the new water filter. After that, slide in the new water filter into the housing gently until the filter snap back into the filter housing. You will hear two clicks when the new water filter has been placed correctly on the housing. After that, turn on the ice maker and check if the water filters work or not by holding a glass under the water dispenser. It is normal if there is some little water spurts that occur after filter change. Finally, press the Filter Status button for about three seconds to reset the status.

Electrolux refrigerator filters Pure Advantage

2.     Air Filter

Replacing the air filter on your Electrolux refrigerator is a lot simpler than replacing the water filter. The air filter is usually placed on the left side of the refrigerator door, above the ice maker chute. To replace the air filter, you need to open the air filter door first, then remove the old filter from the housing and discard it. After that, simply unpack the new air filter from its packaging and place it into the air filter housing and the close the housing door back. The last step is to reset the status of the air filter. To do this you need to press the Air Filter Reset button for about three seconds. After that, the display will change from “Replace” to “Good” and the status has been reset. As I said before, changing Electrolux refrigerator filters will be very easy if you follow the instructions correctly.


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