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Ge Profile Microwave Repair for Better Food

Today, ge profile microwave repair will help many souls because in this modern lifestyle, sometimes people do not have enough time to do the conventional cooking. Conventional here means to buy groceries in the market, prepare the ingredients, slow cooked and serve the food. People tend to either to buy food from outside or to prepare instant food. To prepare instant food will save a lot of time and the taste of the food is not too bad too. The other thing that people with modern lifestyle would do is to stockpile food. Stockpiling is now common for those who still want to eat healthy food but they do not have enough time to cook. Therefore, what they do is to cook large quantity of food and put it in freezer so that the food can last long enough.

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The Use of Microwave

There is one more thing that modern people would do when it comes to cooking, they tend to use microwave oven rather than regular stove or oven to cook their food. For common people, they only know that the function of a microwave oven is only to grill or bake, like the other oven, but microwave is more than just a tool to bake or grill. To cook fish with a microwave oven is quite simple, as we know that fish is an ingredients that quite easy to be cooked, you can simply deep fried it or just grill it but with microwave, you will find no cooking oil what makes the food healthier. You can simply wrap fish, any kind of fish, with aluminum foil and put salt, pepper and seasonings and cook it for two minutes. To cook potato chips is even easier and healthier. You can slice the potato quite thin and simply put into microwave. You will get less crunchy potato chips but healthier and cheaper.

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The Disadvantages of Microwave

Although cooking with microwave oven seems fun and easy, some disadvantages might make you change your mind and stick with the stove. The first is dehydration of the food you cook. Because microwave oven deals with water molecule inside the food, the high moisture food will cooked successfully, while the drier food will end up dried up and will be toughen. The other thing is that the surface of the food will not go browning and this is for some people quite unappetizing. However, Microwave is so useful for busy people, but still the quality of food is under the conventional cooking, moreover when your microwave is broken and you need ge profile microwave repair immediately.

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