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Cabinet Refacing Materials for Kitchen

Cabinet refacing materials for kitchen take an important role in deciding how long your kitchen cabinet will last. It is very prominent to maintain your kitchen and take care of the materials. Bad kitchen cabinets have poor quality of woods which is water damaged and unstructured. It is prone to be a nice spot of living for insects such as cockroaches and moths.

Cabinet Refacing Materials for Kitchen

Materials for Refacing Cabinets

Here is a list of materials you need when you are going to renew your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Wood stain

Wood stain is colorant that uses oil, water, or alcohol as the agent to mix in. there are things you need to know before staining the wood:

  • Knowing types of wood

There are two types of basic woods: hardwoods and softwoods. The examples of hardwoods are elm, walnut, ash, oak, and beech. The examples of softwoods are pine, cedar, and fir. The last type of softwood can be considered as very hard softwood, so this might be a little bit confusing.

  • Determine the softwood

You can say that it is softwood by checking wood grain. Try to stain the wood and if it is uneven covered, then it is softwood.

  • Determine the hardwood

Try to stain the wood and it the stain follows the pattern, then you can tell that it is hardwood.

  1. Wood glue

It is used to bond two side of wood tightly. Speaking about wood glue, there are different types of them that you should know:

  • Animal glue.

It is great for furniture and made from collagen of animals.

Cabinet Refacing Materials for Kitchen Reviews

  • Resorcinol glue

It is known as very strong and durable glue and have to be mixed before used. The great thing about resorcinol is resistant in boiling water, mold, fungus, salt water, and mild acids.

  • Urea- formaldehyde

It is resistance to abrasion, low temperature, and microorganisms.

  • Epoxy
  • Casein

3. Wood veneer tape

It has function to cover the side of cabinet, drawer, table, and any other wooden furniture.

  1. Masking tape

It is also known as sticky tape, made from paper and easily to tear it off. Masking tapes can be made from plastic and papers. The plastic one is useful when you need to strip off rigorous things and the paper one is perfect if you need to write something on the wall.

In the end, you will need Polyurethane finish. Most of kitchen cabinets are wooden made so that is why you need to know cabinet refacing materials for kitchen.

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